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Energy Medicine


Offered online and in person, Energy Medicine connects you to your divine source and enables you to access emotional, mental and physical healing.


Energy medicine; what is it?

We are more than a physical body... We are energy!


In each of these energy medicine sessions, my intention is always to provide service to the best of my ability by becoming a healing instrument.

Every part of your body is made up of molecules that are in turn made up of atoms, joined together through energy exchanges. The body too, is made up of the same components and this energy can be transformed and healed! 


During an energy medicine session, we (me, my angels and guides, your angels and guides) work together to listen to what you need to attain your greater good and healing. We bring you into a state of Theta vibration. Theta is a very slow vibration where healing is able to occur. During the sessions, you will feel an intense calm, liberation and above all, a lightness take hold of your body. 


After each session, you will feel very relaxed and your energy will continue to settle in your body and transform certain things in the days that follow your session. You will feel a certain awakening and by remaining aware of what is changing in your body, you will witness great internal transformation.


Each session is unique and takes care of your imbalances on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. During each of the therapy sessions, I’ll illuminate the internal and external regions of your body and energy field through an energetic channel. I receive, through this channeling, the healing messages which, through your consent, will allow you to release and eliminate all sources of trauma lodged in your body and / or energy fields.


Through healing sounds and mantras, I’ll also bring the healing power of the Heavenly Father and the Mother Earth by creating powerful waves of energy and transformation for your greater good. I always work in collaboration with you to try to eliminate the blockages of the past and to establish a better energetic circulation in your body, aiming to integrate an inner sense of  peace and harmony within you. During each of the energy medicine sessions, I use various herbs, essential oils, crystals, mantras, mudras or sounds to connect with your soul. Being an instrument of healing, I’ll help bind your soul and your Divine source for you to have access to your healing and your greater good.


Energy medicine allows the healing of what you are ready to heal and improves the energy circulation in your interior and, at the end of each session, I’ll share messages from your angels and guides with you, if applicable since each session is different and unique. You will leave the session in a very intense state of relaxation and open to more of what your journey has to offer.


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In Office

Energy medicine offered in office.


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Energy medicine via Zoom video conference.


Other sessions available


Intuitive Counselling


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Guided Integration