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Guided Integration | New Service

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

Often we are aware that something is not working too well in our body, but we have some difficulty realizing it completely. It is for this reason that IntegraSoul has come with this new Guided Integration service.

This session allows you to gain awareness of your current state through meditation. Meditation produces a state of deep relaxation and stillness where you will be able to go to an unusual depth. In this session you will experience a state where you can become more aware of blocked energies so that together we work towards healing, YOUR healing. First, I will bring you to this dimension where the energetic vibrations are very slow, theta vibration. In this state of intense relaxation, I will ask you questions, and you will be able to become aware of what is happening inside you. At this time, you will have the opportunity to release unwanted emotions and energies. Once the information is gathered, we continue with the counseling to enable you to put in place the necessary tools for the healing you seek.

The scheduled time for this session is 60 minutes and you can also request for a 120 minute session to go deeper into one session. That being said, when planning the session, you take a block of 2 sessions. These sessions are done very well in person or remotely. Once the session is over, you will have this feeling of well-being and freedom well integrated into your interior.

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