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Intuitive Counselling


Offered online and in person, each counselling session seeks to create a positive transformation within you so that you are able to access the best version of your life.


Intuitive counselling; what is it?

During these sessions, I assist you into becoming conscious of where you are in life, what your state of wellbeing is, and how you function in life. These exchanges take place through discussions, questioning, channelling, reflection and various strategies to bring you into a state of consciousness.


During these moments, you have the opportunity to take control of your life and to redirect it towards gaining more internal freedom, allowing you to find your purpose for life.


There are times, in life, where you can find yourself in various dark holes where you feel there’s no way out. These moments can be acutely difficult as they can bring about discomfort and insecurities that can trigger anxiety and for you to forget the original intentions you had for your life. Intuitive Counseling helps you transform your life so that you can challenge and become aware of your perceptions, beliefs, thoughts and actions, in order to redefine them and get out of cycles that reoccur throughout your lifetime. The result is a life that becomes more and more fulfilling, satisfying, healthy, filled with happiness, love and enthusiasm. You will be able to let go of old habits and moreover, understand the source of these habits and your dissatisfactions.


Together, the work is done at the source of the problem so that you are able to permanently solve the problems in your life and lead you towards an interior transformation of yourself and of your life. As a result, you will be able to deeply heal wounds and eliminate any form of low vibrational energy attached to them. You will be free from your toxic relationships and this cycle of unconsciousness that has been allowing in the incessant little voice that has tried to control your life.


To do this, we work together, in the present moment, to build a better future for you by channelling this beautiful energy of love and light that holds the greatest respect for your journey. By wishing it deeply, you will achieve your success and wonderful healings each time.


The goal of each session is to create a positive transformation of your interior to allow you to access a better life.


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In Office


Guided Integration offered in office.


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Online guided integration via Zoom video conference.


Other sessions available


Energy Medicine


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Guided Integration