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New Look & Website!

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

​​As a company, the evolution of IntegraSoul is always being guided by our desire to ease and simplify the journey our customers embark on to move closer to their well-being. Embarking on this healing path is already difficult, but it’s the most extraordinary and rewarding path I know, so, it’s essential for me to continually make adjustments to the services and products that we offer, in order to make the healing accessible to everyone.

During your journey, you’ll become aware of the freedom and happiness that is present within you! This freedom to be, you’ll finally feel it—without fluff, without the flashy fireworks or need to please anyone other than you! It’s at that moment when you’ll truly feel free and happy, that you’ll notice your environment transforming to match your internal state.

It’s so powerful! Wow!

You can therefore imagine why I care so much about making sure your healing process is as accessible as possible. For me, healing is like doing a parachute jump… It’s scary at first, but when you make the decision to take the jump and you’re floating in the air like a bird, you feel this immense sense of well-being, peace and freedom flood your entire being. At IntegraSoul, a big part of our job is to help you overcome the momentary fear that presents itself at the beginning of this process. We help you take the leap towards your well-being.

So, with the intention of making that transition into the healing process easier, we are proud to announce that we are currently transforming our entire website. By browsing the new version, you will feel that we are in service to your well-being! We have created this safe, sacred space, with a lot of empathy and compassion for you and your journey. And we hope you truly feel that you’re in good hands, with us.

Today, we’re pleased to present our new “look” and the first phase of our site’s redesign. This is only the beginning of the entire development, but it’s already a sacred space for you and your healing journey. It is a space where you can seek reassurance, a sense of safety and ease of access.

Until our grand relaunch, we will be releasing new versions of our current pages, in addition to releasing entirely new pages to the site. So if you have any constructive comments to give us and/or any requests or needs regarding the use of the website, let us know. Our intention is to make this site as suitable as it can be for you and your needs.

In the service section and other key locations on the site, you have access to our booking calendar for easy and quick scheduling of your appointment. Appointments can be made in person and online with the Zoom software, over the phone or by Skype. We can choose based on your preferences! We can assure you that the online sessions/sessions that are at a distance are similar to the ones in person because of the way energy travels. It's as if we are there with you and we experience beautiful miracles every time.

So have a good visit and I wish you a very warm welcome to home!

With love,


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