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You are amazing! Be conscious about it

Are we aware of our own worth? Are we going to seek approvals around us? Do we have this tendency to justify ourselves? Are we more often than not disappointed or angry at these comments that are not really what we want to hear? When we search outward for answers, we enter a descent of emotions and thoughts that bring us into a sphere of emptiness or lack; “ah! if I had this or that, I would make such and such a change”.

Have you ever talked or think like that?

I understand very well because in this place we are full of emotions and unhappiness… things are going badly and there, what are we trying to do? We want to have fun! It's envy and jealousy that arises because you start looking either in social media or around you and you see lots of things that you compare yourself to and say to yourself; “If I had that money or those resources, I could do this and that. But nothing happens because we procrastinate in this place. We enter this sphere of low vibration where we want to be a victim of the illusory world that we have created, of these plays that we reproduce time after time in our head until we feel imprisoned and thus, we lose this spark. who was there to wake us up.

What is really going on in our body?

As a soul who has come to have a human experience on this Earth, we all have these gifts of creativity. These gifts that vibrate in a space of high frequencies where inspiration and freedom reign.

This state of emptiness and comparison leads us to think that we are incapable and that we need even more to succeed. We feel that this surplus is certainly outward! Which leads us to remain caught in a state of mistrust. Yes! Distrust of our abilities and skills because we believe that all this is outside and without these external possibilities we are nothing. This is how lack and emptiness increase and all these possibilities we no longer see because the focus is on lack, fear and the repression of our capacities. This is when apologies form our life!

This path of darkness is a path filled with pitfalls and excuses where little by little you come to lose your self-confidence, to believe in your abilities and above all, you no longer recognize your own value. The longer you are on this path, the more difficult it will be for you to express who you are and what you want. And one day you will feel that you are like a boat in the middle of the ocean without any anchor. Ironically, you will be full of attachment but external dependencies that will cause you worries, fears and fears and above all, this repression/depression. And finally, the spark that made you vibrate will no longer be there!

What to do now?

So I'd say start seeing who you've become. If it hurts, if it's difficult and it's scary...YES!! But the only way to get there is to actually do it. To achieve this, take the time to tell yourself your four truths and write them down. By writing them, you will become aware of them and burn all that afterwards! I would tell you that this is the beginning of the end of this darkness. This darkness that will have been like a refuge BUT do you want to live in this refuge until the end of your days? It's up to you to decide because it's YOUR life! Whether you choose to stay or leave is your choice and your own responsibility.

Look at what you want to keep on social media. Places that increase your vibrational frequencies and your positivism. Choose the media that bring you to live towards your best version!

Choose to get out of this garden full of weeds. First, there will be a kind of commitment that you will make with yourself. As if you are marrying yourself where you will be making your own wedding vows to YOUR BEST VERSION and at that moment you will feel a kind of consciousness arise where you will have before you the responsibility to make choices and decisions to your highest good. Let me explain: you will be able to become aware if you want to react or respond to life. By reacting you will have this diversity of emotions that will come your way and make you lose control of your interior; you will be in this garden of darkness judging yourself and judging others. You will reproduce the same comparison patterns…

By responding to life, you will be on your way out of this situation, these patterns and you will eventually be able to become aware and see clearly because you will no longer be in this low vibration energy where the problem lies. You will be able to become aware of solutions to achieve your happiness and above all, your best version!

So to respond to life is to free ourselves, that is to say that we begin to recognize our value and thus, we no longer have this form of co-dependency with those around us. We feel a beautiful freedom that settles in our interior where we feel our sovereignty to be because it is our internal force. This force that gives us the will to pursue our true path towards our well-being. This force to act towards a life that we authentically want.

It is at this moment that our creativity and our inspiration gradually settle in our interior towards the search for solutions and means to move forward on this path of love. A gift that opens to the sun with its full potential. And that's when we feel that anything is possible and we start to believe it. At this moment, our full potential opens up to us, our self-esteem is strengthened and there, a change is made because our self-esteem is our value; our sovereignty, our "get up and go" which tells us that we have this toolbox within us with lots of possibilities. Our perception changes, everything changes and it is as if for the first time in our life, we WAKE UP! And we feel this divine potential; OUR potential! Everything happens one step at a time towards this path of love and awakening.

At IntegraSoul, we are at the service for you towards your best version. You can choose to come to our offices or remotely with zoom.

Carole Noël

Médecine énergétique & Counselling


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