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When emotions run the show!

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

The feeling you get when you let your emotions run the show … again!

You feel sad, maybe you have shame inside yourself because you were not in control and you feel certainly sorry and have some regrets…

When your heart hurts and if it really hurts badly, all your chakras are affected because your heart chakra is like a catalyst to all the other ones. At that moment, you are not totally in control of your inside, you are at the mercy, completely or not, of your environment and of your emotions; They control the show, the play that’s going on outside your body takes your power. When this arrives, You want to be impulsive, react or defend yourself as the ego world can be very strong at those moments!

But deep down, you know that this is for you to learn something. If its difficult to be conscious about it and to follow it? Yes, very difficult sometimes. Because you will feel that life is unfair, and you will not understand all those why? But what “the why” will give you? (as a friend told me this morning), just to get stuck again into a hole and to stir the shit again and again in the bucket. When you are there and feel like you want to defend yourself, you want to speak your truth, you want so bad to bring the facts and all the information you have to the light and you feel so hurt and sad. Then again, your emotions are high, and you just let them run your thoughts and body.

In that situation, as another good friend told me once, ask yourself if you can pass through the next 5 minutes and after 5 minutes re-evaluate the situation and go on till you are able to control again your inside. Some other tips: Do some crunches or intense exercises just to change your mindset if you can, Do some breath work it will change instantly your perception.

The main thing here is to get your power back and to get back your control of your inside not the external world. Because the external world will be what it will be and you can’t change it. The only thing you can change and transform is your inside, your behaviors and your speech. Little by little, it will bring peace inside your body and eventually your energy will affect your environment and it will bring more peace on Earth. I think this is how we improve, change and transform ourselves and this little by little, will bring more peace in the outside world.

Lots of love and courage,

Carole Noël



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