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Wake-up! Your Journey to Self Love.

Part 1 of 6

My last three years have been the most difficult of my life and the most profound in terms of my own spiritual awakening. In fact, I went from a romantic relationship that I thought was the love of my life to a toxic and abusive relationship where emotional, mental and physical abuse reigned supreme. Yes, it woke me up and it completely stirred my interior! I share with you a bit of my healing process and possible solutions as the first part that will continue in this series of 6 blogs to tell you that, yes, it is possible to get out of an abusive and toxic relationship!

However, when we suffer from post traumatic stress syndrome, we live in fear in our daily lives where we are more often than not in a survival mode; “flight or fight”. Consequently, our self-confidence and above all, our self-worth decline, and we become caught in our own world like an internal prison. It is therefore for this reason that I choose to share these moments of healing in my life to bring you a breath of courage, to provide you with some resources by reading my journey but also to tell you that I understand and I have a lot of empathy for you! Because I know and I fprofoundly feel that each of the stages is difficult and requires a lot of effort and courage.

In a relationship, whether friendly, parental, professional or romantic, taking responsibility is fundamental to promoting the development of each. Because some of our choices (unconscious ones here!) will lead us to experience abusive and toxic situations, the fact remains that I am and will always be in strong disagreement with violent and abusive words and behaviors. They do not contribute at any time to living and creating healthy relationships. As for this man, and for all humans who think that abuse can be allowed, I have this breath of empathy for their ill-being and I wish them to find their own happiness and peace towards their healing.

Here I am today on this path of tranquility and happiness towards the deep acceptance of a love of self. An internal love that flourishes by deeply feeling my responsibility, that is to say of my ability to respond to life. As a result, I become aware of my choices to align them towards my well-being and my happiness. I engaged in this process of healing and well-being with a lot of effort, discipline, and above all, by staying awake. My first step was to prioritize myself by implementing strategies to check my level of satisfaction following my choices. Little by little and with the help of resources in the world of the invisible; my angels and guides, as in the world of the visible, I became more and more aware and I gradually left the state of victimhood and thus, my force grew.

Since I have always thought that our interior is like a garden, I first reflected on what I had to do to clean my internal environment in order to regain my peace and serenity. Then I went to seek help and resources to support me in my efforts and above all, to get out of my internal prison. At that point, I set about weeding this garden towards accepting all that I didn't want to have or be! Through acceptance, I found forgiveness and the release of these emotions buried in my interior and attached to this situation of my past. Once this step was taken, I was ready to sow new seeds, to nourish them by filling them with satisfaction, good nutrients, and giving them all the care possible towards their healthy growth.

In sum and at this moment, I can conclude that this life experience, like all life experiences that come our way, eventually becomes a great blessing! And since everyone has their own life path on this Earth, it remains up to everyone to choose what they want to live! and I can assure you that Love is not suppose to be painful! For my part, this was the one that stirred my interior the most deeply to allow me to become deeply aware of who I had become, to become aware of the healing that I had to do and to finally take the time to do it for my own sake! And you, what do you choose?

At IntegraSoul, we are here at your service towards your well-being and your best version!

Carole Noël

Energy medecine & Counselling


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