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Wake-up! Your ability to respond…to life!

Part 5 of 7

When we observe people in an unhealthy, abusive, or toxic relationship, we will have the tendency to say, “Get out of there!”, because we have difficulty understanding that this person wants to stay in this situation. However, I will tell you that it is not that simple and, as we say so well sometimes, “easier said than done”. And yet, we have all been in an unhealthy relationship with ourselves. Are we still there, or have we healed? Have you ever made choices because you were afraid, or to please others, or for lack of courage?

From my experience, I have discovered that, here and there or often, we allow ourselves to be hurt by our choices. Let's realize that each of them has a scope. When this scope is not aligned for our greatest good, these choices come to remind us of our defectiveness and our ill-being through a multitude of felt emotions.

The most common emotions will be guilt and often feeling that we’re not good enough. By devaluing ourselves like this, we will think that we are not worthy and therefore what do we do? We play various plays that become cycles that continue time after time in our lives until one day we feel that we no longer have the strength or the courage to get out of this abusive relationship or even to heal the abusive relationship that we have with ourselves!

Hey, yes, we're sleep-walking. And I'm going to tell you that, depending on where you are in your life, it's not easy to realize who you've become, so you might take this route of remaining unconscious and falling asleep by using distractions, addictions and maybe a bunch of prescription drugs to get away from your pain! As a result, you will be in an unhealthy relationship with yourself and what will you manifest?

Unhealthy relationships in varying degrees of intensity and depending on what you must heal.

The reason for this flight towards the unconscious is firstly that we are unconscious of this unconscious. Most of the time, we operate in this unconsciousness since we have a feeling of unease or too many emotions or even that we are in a state of “recklessness”. In this state, we try to run away to forget but these emotions are there and will be triggered again sooner or later!

The easiest, fastest and cheapest way to escape right now is through social media. According to some statistics, the rates of depression and anxiety are increasing at lightning speed because of social media, especially among women and young people. This presence becomes an increasingly overwhelming addiction, strewn with judgment, criticism, and comparison. As a result, the person becomes dependent very quickly because s/he wants to know what others are doing and, since this discomfort is therefore amplified, the flight also creates a vicious circle. How many times do we tell ourselves the following story once on social media: "Okay ok, I'm going to stop in 10 minutes or it's the last time...and lo and behold, almost 4 hours have passed, and you are still stuck down the rabbit-hole of social media. Your pain increases, a feeling of being lost increases, and you feel like a boat in the middle of the ocean; everything is getting worse and worse, and the anxiety is increasing.

Someday some form of reality will come and strike us to begin this revival! We will have this feeling of being in a kind of illusion, those plays! Maybe for the first time, you will realize that you are reproducing the same common thread in these plays, and it will hurt, very badly! You will realize that the drama is omnipresent and the escape towards this search for external happiness is a ridiculous race. You will be aware that you are searching in this outside world, and nothing works; this discomfort persists and increases over time. Emotions are growing stronger, and your ego is becoming the master of your actions, words, and thoughts.

If so, let's take some responsibility and start taking the first step towards our well-being by making conscious choices. I agree that it is difficult to get out of it because all this becomes like a whirlwind we get sucked into. But it is possible! It’s about wanting to commit to it, putting effort and discipline into it.

What can we do? The first thing is to start to feel that we are responsible for our choices and that we can manage. Accountability is our ability to respond to what comes our way. How? By our choices! To say that we have no choice is the fruit of our ego because, by coming to live human experiences, we have also agreed with this free choice to reinforce this value in us. But because we live in this unconsciousness, we prefer to blame others, judge them, and criticize them, which results in a kind of escape from our unhappiness, which is perpetuated towards our interior in the form of low vibrational energy.

So what do you want? Do you want to stay in this unconsciousness or to come out of it one step at a time towards your awakening? When we are in these states we think ‘what good is it?’ and why do we think so? Your value is devalued. By starting to make choices that will be aligned with your well-being, you will start to increase your worth. It's a first step!

At IntegraSoul, we are in service towards your wellbeing and your best version yet!

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Carole Noël

Energy medecine & Counselling


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