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Wake up! Towards new horizons!

Part 7 of 7

This last blog represents the finality of this set of 7 which were an internal and deep healing in themselves! Everything happened behind the scenes and was accompanied by small subtle changes that led me to beautiful transformations. Writing is a good healing technique towards awareness because it allows us to put down on paper what we feel without making scenarios in our head. It allows you to free yourself from beliefs, emotions and become aware of certain states of being. In fact, it's like weeding a garden! Through these last 6 blogs, how about taking the time to describe on paper what you have become aware of in relation to your life and in relation to your own relationship you have with yourself?

I'm sitting in front of my computer wondering what to share for this last blog since there's a lot to say. And here I am having this vision of a bird that goes south when the first cold is felt. This bird leaves because its operating system does not allow it to remain under such a degree of temperature and that is its life. Sometimes we want to be like birds that listen to their body to go to new horizons for our greater good. And what is blocking us? We can give ourselves thousands of excuses to stay in the comfort zone that I call the "the bucket of shit"! When you step out of your comfort zone to go into the exploration of life and new depths, you will open your arms to receiving what each of these experiences will allow you to conscientiously discover.

Yes, it is true that sometimes departures have the objective of fleeing towards the search for pleasure to fill a certain void that is in us. And when we go down this path, we nurture a garden of suffering because emotions, impulses and reactions are linked to it; this happens in this world of unconsciousness. How do we know the difference?

When we want to have a break, when we want a way out, and when we are looking to get away from a life that brings much stress, often we tend to want to fill a void by looking for pleasure. At this time, we are looking for a way out and, sooner or later, some suffering will come up and trigger some reactions and emotions.

However, when we are in a good internal state and are inclined to explore and discover life with pure intentions, we are in a state of wholeness. There will be no emptiness within us, and we will be open to discovering life and exploring it by making choices towards our highest good and not because we are filling a void within ourselves. There will be no impulsiveness or need to please or fulfill needs, there will only be love. The happiness in us will emerge outwards.

Each time we seek to fill a need or an internal void outwardly, we are in suffering state. Each time we are in fullness and we have the will to discover and go beyond, we are in a loving state. And again, it is up to each person to feel their interior and to make their own choices and to feel the consequences of each of these choices. This is how we live experiences and become more aware of them. And this is how everyone discovers their way of functionning. Because life is indeed that: discovering how it works, to be aware of it, and to be able to make choices aligned with our greatest good.

In September 2020, I was leaving to flee. When we are in unconsciousness, helplessness, and fear, it is easy to go this way. The Universe wanted it otherwise and everything closed due to covid-19! It was a great blessing as I had to sort out and finish what was in my way to free myself and clear my garden to complete this healing. I realized that it is useless to run away and that it is possible to transform suffering into love! That being said and, in all humility, I am now ready to go and I am happy to have committed myself to this deep healing. Now, I leave with another energy and a deep consciousness. Yes, an energy of love and light that guides me to new horizons and immense depth. I have great gratitude for continuing my life mission towards these explorations.

This great adventure begins in Nepal where I make a pilgrimage to climb Mount Kalash (18000 feet above sea level) during the month of September, then to continue my way to southern India, and finally find myself in my loving place: Bali in Indonesia. This journey is a big pilgrimage where I leave from where I am to explore life and let myself go in this adventure towards new depth. I am in full grace and gratitude towards life and all these experiences that have allowed me to recognize and feel life differently. I invite you to follow this journey by being a member at the Integrasoul's website and “Thank you for your presence and for your love”. More love and peace in our heart manifests more love and peace on this beautiful Earth!

At IntegraSoul, we are in service towards your wellbeing and your best version!

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Carole Noël

Energy Medecine & Counselling


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