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Wake-up! Life is a big play.

Part 2 of 7

Many of the relationships we have with various humans, and sometimes with ourselves, are big plays. Hey, yes! Why? Each human plays a role in his play as he plays a role in another human's play and each of these plays bring us a lot of emotions and dramas. Everything is experienced in a form of unconsciousness and impulsiveness. Do we really take the time to pause and feel the clarity and the authenticity of the relationships we are living?

We want to believe in each of our relationships because we invest so much of our time in them. But when we are in an abusive and toxic relationship, we want to make everything better. However, a form of helplessness grows in us, as if we gradually lose our means and our motivation to seek solutions. Your emotions are scattered like a big minefield; ready to explode at the slightest inattention. You become exhausted thinking and rethinking all these questions that run through your head. You want to know why? As a result, comes this state of discouragement and denial. You see yourself giving up by staying in this relationship because fear takes hold of you. You feel more and more lost.

Walking around asleep, unaware of what is happening within and around us, we do not fully realize our discomfort, and most of our choices are often filled with reactions and impulsiveness. From then on comes a day when we feel this discomfort and it is at this moment that we must make the choice: To continue to be unconscious or to regain control of our interior. But very often, we go to addictions to dull our pain! Therefore, All these plays increase in intensity and increase our discomfort.

By choosing the path of awareness, I can tell you that it is difficult in moments because most of the time we have been oblivious to the idea that everything will work out, and we realize that we are our biggest disappointment! And we were also the one who hurt us the most for wanting to ignore our gut feeling and by lying to ourselves! We have betrayed ourselves by not wanting to listen to our intuition and by not being aware of what was authentically happening before our eyes and in our interior, since it is so difficult to admit this failure to ourselves. But this awakening, this realization, will set us on a path of healing. A path that will make our light and our internal happiness grow slowly but surely.

To wake up is to become aware of these different plays and above all, of the common thread in each of them. We are also gradually learning to feel each of these choices we make and their impact on our lives. The only difference between each of the pieces is the context, the environment and the different humans who come to play their role. The common thread remains the same because it is attached to our patterns. These patterns that we reproduce time after time lead us to impulsively live a lot of emotions, behaviors, and stress which come from our ego. This ego is part of us and wants to remind us to become aware of what is happening in us and around us so that we can finally live freely and in this happiness. The goal is this path to self-love!

If you take a time in your life when you had certain situations (play) that came your way, you will be able to realize that each of them comes most of the time to make you experience a lack of satisfaction and a lot of emotions, such as, for example, you cannot feel up to it or feel your worth. In those moments, what do you tend to do? You are in charge of your life, and you have choices: Put on a bandage and continue to have your head in the sand pretending that everything is fine? Or do you become aware and seek help and resources to walk towards your best version?

At IntegraSoul, we are here in service towards your well-being and your best version!

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Carole Noël

Energy medecine & Counselling


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