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Wake up! At the Stake or Not?

Part 3 of 7

In about 1450 to 1750, during the witch-hunts, certain authorities gave themselves the right to torture, despise and burn thousands of women and sometimes even their daughters. Many people were present during these horrible moments and judged these women harshly. The main reason for this massacre? Fear! Yes, because these women were different and strong, their work and their presence made many people, especially men, feel insecure. So, on the charge that they were doing certain things out of the ordinary, they were condemned to death; and this out of sheer ignorance!

Are we still in this cycle of condemning, defaming, and judging?

One of my passions is to observe human beings and learn more about behaviors in general. I really like the etymology of words and above all, to feel the energy range of each of these words that we use to transfer them towards a more effective and healthy communication. From recent observations, I see that society, in general, uses certain words indiscriminately to diagnose, judge and tarnish the reputation of people, or to hold them accountable or to blame them for their own mistakes and not being well.

This leads me to realize that all these words, thoughts, and actions that we use unconsciously have a range that can hurt enormously. By judging any situation or another human, we choose to give an incorrect diagnosis to another person without knowing the facts and without necessarily knowing the whole story. In addition, this kind of activity has almost become a distraction, just by observing what’s going on on social media!

When we lend ourselves to such actions, our ego is still in power, and a lot of emotions will follow even if we are unaware of the rise of these emotions or their origin! Don't think judging someone is going to make you better. On the contrary, judging another human (or ourselves) demonstrates a lack of intelligence and ignorance! When you feel the need to belittle the other to show off, it's time to sit down and ask yourself questions. And let us remember that judging will bring lower energies around yourself (karma) by amplifying your discomfort and, above all, the judgments propagated will have a big negative effect on the targeted humans.

I know deeply that in their purity, people are not evil, and I also know that we can walk unconsciously on this path of life. Therefore, when we walk asleep, we tend to distract ourselves and go into addictions to forget our past and hurts. What are we inclined to do in these times? We are inclined to judge ourselves because we never see ourselves as good enough or worthy enough. The result is that we want to blame others for our unhappiness, and, above all, we want them to take responsibility for our difficult life experiences! Currently, the cycle of abuse and toxicity in us and around us continues.

Criticism is the power of the powerless because when we start to defame and want to bully other humans into thinking that we are more than another, that's exactly when we create a separation between ourselves and another human. This separation being the lack of self-acceptance is an illusion created to be unconscious of one's own faults by using the defensive. In this state, we have this tendency to justify ourselves which translates into a lack of confidence and low self-esteem. As a result, we judge ourselves and others to justify that we are not good, not worthy and that, above all, we are not ready to make the necessary efforts to commit ourselves in a healing process. So, the next time we want to indulge in gossip or go outright judgmental, let's begin to become aware one step at a time of the reach of this energy on ourselves and to the person we are targeting.

Take a moment to consider where you are with judgment in your life; the judgment in relation to you and in relation to others? It all starts with you: your relationship with yourself!

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Carole Noël

Energy Medecine & Counselling


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