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Travelling by yourself!


Nepal\Sri Lanka\ Bali Journey

I have often traveled alone and have also experimented traveling in pairs and in groups; big and small. My experiences face of these various trips and places I have been, bring me to share these reflections. Traveling alone gives us an opportunity to connect with everything around us and above all, with ourselves. When our internal relationship with ourselves is healthy, full of love and filled with happiness, we manifest this kind of relationship on our path and the opposite is also true. Therefore, solitary journeys allow us to become aware of what is there within us.

We may be able to do this in pairs or in a group, but the experience is certainly not as deep and the energy that we will deploy towards these realizations will not be entirely available. When we are alone, facing ourselves, we connect differently with our interior and with everything around us. We take longer to observe and there is more energy to feel what is happening within and around us. We become more attentive to what disturbs us or makes us react. By choosing this path of self-awareness and self-disclosure, we increasingly begin to observe and experience the external world as one grand illusion made up of plays. And here we are making the choice to work or not on these states of being. Each solitary journey brings us to this discovery of who we have become, and the awareness of certain traits buried within us time after time.

However, traveling alone will not necessarily bring us to this space. Since, travelling alone can come from a whim where we want to run away from a place or a situation. We are looking for pleasure or even, as the popular saying goes, we are seeking for a place with more pleasant space! In hindsight, we feel that the journey alone is not that extraordinary as it was rather filled with difficulties and brought out a lot of reactions from us. Emotions hidden under the rug, like a dormant volcano erupting without giving much of a signal! Consequently, this experience will be filled with addictions, disappointment, frustration and even anger. This state of resistance will bring many difficulties and lots of suffering. This is the importance of recognizing before this kind of traveling, where we are in our life and our intentions to go on a journey like that.

Traveling alone and without attachment or seeking pleasure is to give ourselves the time and space to discover ourselves, to explore various cultures in a form of healthy curiosity. All of this brings us enrichment, exploration, and simple happiness! We are like a child marveling at the splendor of life. This joy which is transmuted in each of the cells of our body towards an awakening; towards a self-transformation that gradually brings us to become aware that these episodes of our life only occur once. In fact, traveling alone can become like a metamorphosis where we clean up what we choose to keep versus what we want to release. It is a deep reconstruction of the self towards a great and deep clarity. From my experience, it is in this place that we experience a rebirth and a deep solidity of our Self-Love!

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