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The Holiday Season: A Time to Pause…

I remember when the holiday seasons were full of happiness for me. We were so taken with the magic of Christmas; a time of year to celebrate and see all of our relatives coming home to visit. The atmosphere was at its best!

With eyes sparkling, we would unwrap our presents after we heard the last midnight bell ring. It was such a wondrous time and we were just so amazed with everything going on! We were allowed to spend the rest of the night playing with our presents while the adults played cards and chatted. Plus, to top it all off, we ate lots of special food prepared just for that precious night. My childhood memories are made up of love and great happiness. They remind me of how important relationships are. The warmth that we radiated and the love that we spread during these memorable times were the pieces that allowed us to build the beautiful memories of our youth. The memories that we carry with us throughout our lives.

However, the holiday season may not be filled with happy memories for everyone, and especially not since this pandemic. So what can we do to create new memories and reprogram our minds to hold new beliefs around this time of year?

First, we have to understand that everything happening externally tends to become integrated inside of our bodies due to the emotions attached to it. When these emotions do not feel good to us, we unknowingly nourish our garden with low vibrations, which in turn creates blocks in our energies, programming sad or bad memories for us to reflect on, later down the line. Year after year, as the holidays approach, those blocked energies come to be triggered by various familiar situations, behaviours, words, or thoughts, and there we are again, experiencing similar plays to the ones seen in the past! These plays reproduced behaviour cycles in us, our families and friends, that bring up the same emotions that were present in previous holiday seasons. They’re the same behaviours that remind us that the holidays are awful, sad, or whatever other feeling you’ve associated with this time of year…

But, have you ever watched a horror movie without volume? It’s kind of funny, isn’t it? What if I told you we can essentially do the same with our patterns and cycles? If we start to detach ourselves from the emotions that are attached to these cycles, we start to dissolve the blocked energies present and suddenly, we can reprogram our reactions and behaviours to have a completely different experience of the holiday season! You’ve seen the movie “the Grinch” … that’s what he did! After having a terrible image of the holidays for a large part of his life, an event allowed him to see things differently and to create a new way of perceiving this time of year! So, yes, it’s possible! It’s possible with this and with all kinds of different facets of our lives. When we commit ourselves to it and we accept what was, everything has the opportunity to change, and we can start feeling into forgiveness and moving towards acceptance.

So, it’s with great love that we wish you a wonderful Holiday season with perhaps a few new reprogrammed experiences and much happiness. Build and create a Holiday season that will better YOUR experience no matter what happens around you!

At IntegraSoul, we are in service to your internal freedom and happiness!

If you’d like to learn more about reprogramming or breaking free from your old cycles and stuck energies, book your next session.

Thank you for this wonderful year of miracles, healing and personal growth. I am very blessed to be able to participate in your life’s wonders. Thank you for your love and your continued trust.

With much love and peace,



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