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Some News for you to navigate into a storm!

Updated: Feb 18, 2022


Here is some news from us.

In this constantly changing world and during this pandemic, all of this can be very difficult and even more difficult to reach this internal freedom and happiness! The intention at IntegraSoul is to respond as effectively as possible for the well-being of each human towards happiness and the quest for each of you to achieve YOUR best version. It is for this reason that we puts lots of efforts to offer a range of services for everyone.

The website has been redesigned and reworked to facilitate access, make it very simple and visible to offer all the resources and services for your well-being.

Podcast section, you will find Peace Inn podcast which offers you a variety of means and tips for your well-being and also full of solutions and ideas for embarking on this healing process. Peace inn is there to simplify those big life’s concepts! It is in French for now.

IntegraSoul TV section, we have the programs “Moments de Bonheur avec Carole Noël”. Carole Interviews people from Moncton and surrounding areas but also from everywhere. These programs also tell us about the various concepts of life and passion. Those are little moment of resources for you, it’s in French for now.

Blog section, you will find thoughts on various very interesting topics. Again, this is a section for you to sit down with your reading and have a moment of reflexion on those topics.

Shop section, you will find free meditations for your well-being and programs as well as courses to advance on your path of healing but also to understand more deeply certain concepts. Recently, we wrote a deep cleansing program to get your body healthy with a 7-day detox. The English version will be available soon. I invite you to go to the following link for information. . In the Shop section, there are products to support you in your well-being.

To continue in this vein,

1. From February 7, 2022, in the form of virtual training, we are offering you a course of 4 classes on energy and the chakras. By clicking the following link you will have all the information.

2. From February 13, 2022, you will be able to purchase a new service from IntegraSoul which is “One mail a day…”. The intention is that sometimes we are a little bit lost and stuck and we need a little boost in the morning to do the things that are good for us! So, IntegraSoul is launching “One mail a day” for 30 days where you will receive an email at 5 am to motivate your inner self for the day ahead of you. In this email, you will have access to a quote that will fill you with motivation for the day accompanied by the affirmation of the day. You will then have a strategy to accompany you if things go wrong. You will have a yoga pose either for your body or your face to strengthen small muscles that we often forget! You will have a nice little reflection that can guide you all day and that you can reflect on at the end of your day with your own thoughts on the subject. And finally, you will have the recipe of the day. A recipe that will stimulate your body, your mind and above all, your energy! All this for the small investment of $9.99 plus tax. All you have to do is send me an email with an etransfer of $11.50 to to register. And from the 13th of February you will begin to receiving your IntegraSoul treasure to guide you for 30 days!

4. On Insight Timer, you have a diversity of free meditation for you and on Sunday evenings at 8:00 p.m., I invite you for meditations live. It's free and it feels good!

Carole Noël

Médecine Énergétique




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