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This message is to inform you that I will be back in Canada, in Moncton at my office at 132 ch. Mill beginning February 2, 2023.

I will also be back once a month in Edmundston in my office at 2 rue Hill from March 2023 until October inclusively (except for the month of July).

I am very grateful, and I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your trust and your patience and above all, for the continuity of your well-being! Thank you to all of you who have experienced sessions in distance during my spiritual journey.

Being in a healing process towards a better version of yourself requires commitment, a lot of effort and a certain discipline. And for that, I would like to express how happy I am for you and my gratitude for your perseverance because oftentimes it is a difficult journey.

I recognize that at times it is not easy, and sometimes, we want to leave this tumultuous path. In these moments of uncertainty and questioning, our ego comes to play with our mind to discourage us by stimulating those limiting thoughts.

As a result, we think that what we are doing is not working, that we are not seeing concrete results and that it is not worth it. And destructive thoughts are amplified such as not knowing how to get out of those uncomfortable zones and how and where to begin this journey. Most of the time we feel lost and then, the helplessness comes to hunt us! As a result, we leave this path and return to old habits because we feel helpless… nothing works anymore!

In those moments of self-doubt, Stop yourself and take one moment to write down all those things who changed in you; your actions, your words, and your thoughts. This will help you to become aware of what is happening authentically. Or take your courage to look at your resources. By doing so, you will be able to become aware of what is really happening.

It's normal to experience hollow moments and even, I would tell you that when its happening those moments become wonderful opportunity for you to realign and strengthen yourself within towards what you want to live authentically. Often, it helps us to become stronger and help us to put out there our boundaries. So be gentle and compassionate with yourself because it's like a pothole on the road in the spring! We get in with our car, it hurts but we get out!

The more you continue this process of healing at your own pace, more light will shine in you. This high vibrational energy will manifest through your thoughts, actions, and words. You will see that this image that reacted to certain triggers will be replaced by a new version of you which is calmer, more composed and more patient.

This is the transformation towards your best version; the love and the light that is growing in you towards this freedom of being.

At IntegraSoul, we are here for you and with you on this journey. I have been on this journey and going through all the stages of this healing process. I recognize and can tell you that I feel what you will experience in each of these stages. It is for this reason that you will feel my compassion, my empathy, my love, and my respect. Yes, I will sometimes shake you because I also recognize your potential and I know that sometimes we must face reality. And all this will be done in your greatest respect, with a lot of love and light.

We will be there with compassion, empathy, love and with the recognition of your higher potential because you are able to overcome all the obstacles that will come your way. We will bring you to be aware of what has happened in your life, your traumas, how you function so that you can recognize what is happening to work this path.

Everything will be experienced internally because if we compare a healing process to a garden; There is a part after the seed is planted that takes place within the soil until the day, we see the fruit of this seed coming out of the ground. One day we see and recognize the fruit of all our labour manifesting in our internal and external world. Our life becomes easier and simpler with freedom, happiness and love growing in us!

It is a pleasure to return to Canada with all this beautiful energy to continuing the wonderful work with all of you on this beautiful path of happiness. I am full of inspiration for your well-being towards your best version!

So stay tuned for all the mini workshops, courses and retreats that are coming up during this year of growth.

Thank you and look forward to seeing you again on February 2, 2023 at 132 Ch. Mill in Moncton! And at the end of March in Edmundston.

To make an appointment: As of January 20, (my cell phone will work again) by text at 1 (506) 377-8717 or by email: or directly on the website:

From my heart to your heart,


At IntegraSoul, we are here in service towards your wellbeing and your best version !

All rights reserved.

Carole Noël

Energy medecine & Counselling


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