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My pilgrimage to Kailash

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Nepal/SriLanka\Bali Journey

Life is unpredictable and fragile and certainly full of experiences. Experiences that we choose to do either unconsciously or consciously. And the fact remains that in the end, we are responsible for it! In some of the choices we make, we will face experiences that will bring us to extreme conditions. These moments will come to stimulate or maybe triggers places in our physical, emotional, and mental bodies that we may never have experienced before. This is what this path to Mount Kailash brought to and in me! In these moments of intense and profound disturbances, we lose almost all our bearings, and this is where we authentically see what is within us. This is where we choose (again it is a choice) to completely surrender to what is in the now to welcome the unknown.

When these moments come our way, we may be visiting spaces that we have never felt before in both the world of light and the world of darkness. A pilgrimage allows us to visit these places within us because we are there with ourselves in front of ourselves and in front of this multitude of choices. My pilgrimage was a moment of immense internal happiness despite the difficulties encountered and even though I pushed my body to extremes conditions. A path where I profoundly connect to my essence and where I left a part of me in this place, Mount Kailash. A part that was no longer necessary for the rest of my path on this Earth!

On September 9 it all started in Kathmandu, where we (group of 54 people) spent 2 days to acclimatize to the high altitude. Everything was fine, we visited temples and did a lot of walking. On September 11, we flew to Nepal Gunj where we stayed for a day and a half. Every time we stayed a bit it was to acclimatize, and another important reason was to get used to the unpredictable weather conditions. Because the higher we were in altitude, the more the body could be in pain, and everything became difficult to manage. On September 12, we left for Simikot, a very remote region in the mountains surrounded by extraordinary landscapes. We went in this very basic little 15 passenger plane! So, when conditions allowed, everything had to happen quickly so as not to miss the opportunity to continue our ascent. So, in addition to extreme conditions, there was added stress due to the various trips that became risky. Returned to Simikot, the altitude made itself felt in many of us by various symptoms. The only symptom I felt was a rise in blood pressure which kept rising. The higher we climbed, the rougher the conditions became. The showers were with a bucket of hot water that we fetched that hot water outside at 5am. It was the only way to wash and at least we could wash! The temperature varied enormously, and everything was very unpredictable. It could be hot then 5 minutes later it was very cold and humid. All of this added to the extreme conditions that surrounded us. Hence the importance of staying connected to your heart and not to emotions. Each day was very regimented; we woke up at 4:30 am for the bath, then we had meditations, lunch and treks, dinner, treks, supper, meditations, and medical tests twice a day.

During these treks, we had the blessing of seeing fantastic and energetically powerful landscapes. We got stuck in Simikot for 6 days because the helicopters couldn't move since in Dakchi (our next stop) it was stormy. We had to always be ready because if there was a little clearing opening, we had to have all our things ready to go. So yes, the weather came clearer for us to finally go to Dakchi. Very basic place with tents and cold weather etc. On September 19 at 3 am, we left for Lapcha where Mount Kailash is located. We went by jeep in very dangerous and difficult paths in addition to climbing in altitude. So, we stopped to acclimatize from time to time until we arrived at our destination.

I was in tears to see such a great beauty and to be there in front of this immensity and this energy. I prayed and was in great gratitude! At that time, we did a big ceremony and meditations. The descent to Dakchi went well but when I arrived, I felt heartburn and I was starting to feel weak. Helicopters were waiting to transport us to Samikot but when I got to where the helicopters were, my energy started to drop, and I collapsed. They put me as quickly as possible in a helicopter to transport me to Simikot where a doctor was waiting for me. My eyes remained closed; I didn't even have enough energy in me to open them. Returned to the airport, I was taken and put on the ground and at that moment, a strange feeling came over me as if everything was going away. I let myself go in this sweetness... but at that moment, they shook me and I finally opened my eyes a little, they gave me water containing electrolyte and immediately, I was transported on a stretcher to the hotel. The doctor was waiting for me and took good care of me!

Two days before, I had diarrhea, but I still drank my amount of water, a good 4 liters a day, but during the last climb, towards Lapcha, I only drank a liter and a half, and I had a big dehydration in my body. This dehydration added with the altitude and the high blood pressure, the drugs that my body is not used to taking, in addition to all the conditions that I have exposed my body to, all of this has resulted in this extreme loss of my energy. It all happened in a state of great liberation and faith. Since September 20, I have been in recovery. I can confirm today that my body is quickly regaining its strength and energy. I am in an immense gratitude and I am in this place of an intense serenity.

The happiness in all this is that I kept my good attitude, my happiness, my love of being and this light in me despite all these little moments of difficulties. I remembered this gratitude of life and all that is there in every moment of my life. I am in great gratitude and in grace. I see life even more differently and with great compassion and empathy. This life is not granted and it is important to take the time to embrace all those moments that life offers us as a gift. Every morning by opening our eyes, we receive this gift of living 24 hours on this earth. What would it be like for you when you next wake up; at the opening of your eyes, may you take just a moment to recognize that you are there alive with all these possibilities in front of you!

More love and light in our heart, more love and light on this magnificent Earth!

With love,


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