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Karma: Take back control of YOUR life!

Sometimes life can seem very difficult. We often perceive happiness as being this almost unattainable thing due to the fact that we experience a lot of difficult emotions in our everyday lives. Many of us feel guilt over some of the choices and decisions we’ve made throughout our lifetimes. This guilt often transforms itself into shame as a result of the actions we take, and the words and thoughts we have in regards to it. When shame is present in our bodies, it often gets reactivated, time and time again, by various external sources that remind us that we’re not where, what and who we dream of being. Sometimes, the separation between who we are and who we want to be is so uncomfortable that we feel our only feasible option to manage that discomfort is to run away from the prison that is our bodies—a place where we feel that we’re simply not enough.

One of the ways many of us escape this discomfort is by turning to behaviours that numb its intensity. We turn to the world of dependency. Yes, it’s a space that lacks consciousness, but it’s also a space where we get to temporarily find relief from our thoughts and the incessant scenarios spinning in our heads. Over time, if we don’t find healthy ways to deal with our emotions and continue to rely on our favourite addictions to mask our discomfort, we’re more than likely going to exacerbate the problem. We unintentionally create more discomfort that shows up as self-sabotage and a loss of self-esteem. By experiencing this loss, we tend to start looking outward for more “things” to help reconnect us to our missing happiness, joy and freedom.

And that is where the cycle begins.

The more you look outside of yourself to soothe your pain or fill that void, the more you become dependent on various addictions—the deepest one being your own pain.

You could say that in these moments of discomfort, it’s as if we’re entering into our own self-imposed abuse cycle. We’ve experienced the beautiful honeymoon phase, and what comes next is a phase filled with abuse, pain and suffering. It’s ironic that, so often, we don’t need anyone to be our abusers (even though we often attract them into our experiences), we regularly cause ourselves pain by engaging in these patterns of suffering, time and time again! From the day we realize we hold the power to make choices and decisions, we begin amassing our karma, here on Earth.

As Sadhguru explains so well, karma is the degree of suffering or happiness we experience in our bodies, minds and souls based on the outcome of our choices and decisions. Karma is like the Sun that shines down on us … it’s just there! Karma is not imposed on us by any source, it’s created by us, from our choices, our decisions, our actions, our words and our thoughts. We travel through life deciding, moment by moment, how we’re going to build our karma. Some of us do it consciously and some unconsciously. If we compare it to keeping a garden, you’ve learned to till the ground, you’ve sown seeds and, chances are, you’ve let some weeds grow out. It may have even gotten completely out of control and you may have lost all forms of motivation to want to take care of it. You may feel that it is lost, that there is nothing more for you to do, and that it is no longer worth the trouble!

But is that really true? Of course NOT!

Right now you are in the dark and you need someone to turn the lights on for you. You’re in need of someone showing you the cycles you’re caught in to be able to get out of them. You’ve made decisions and taken actions that have gotten you here, not really knowing how to deal with your guilt and shame any differently than the way you did. You did the best you could to escape the pain that felt overwhelming to your system, however, now you find yourself in a space where your actions have become automatic. You react to your environment and you rely on your dependencies to deal with pain. In other words, your ego is in command and you are in the passenger seat … but all of that can change…

Your first step is to start practicing awareness around the choices and decisions you make. Little by little, you’re going to start taking care of your garden. Maybe you can start off by just clearing a few weeds out of it, or maybe you can improve the soil, or even replace the soil entirely. You can certainly slowly start sowing in new seeds with more awareness around what you really want. It’s all about developing the conscious habit of asking yourself the following question: “Is this choice or decision I’m making aligned with the life I’m envisioning?” By operating from this point of view, you’ll gradually start seeing your karma shift and you’ll be able to regain control of your life.

Yes, it’s certain that you came to Earth to learn and heal from a full range of different scenarios, but you don’t have to infinitely experience them time and time again. When we’re operating from an unconscious state, we experience these situations repeatedly. They’re like plays that keep on repeating themselves up to the point where they become our life patterns. A lot of these cycles can cause us a tremendous amount of suffering and so, of course, it’s normal to tell ourselves that their occurrences are not our fault. To take on that responsibility can feel overwhelming. So, instead, we blame others or life in order to ease that pressure… Until the day we become conscious and are ready to do so.

If you’re going to do anything mentioned here, tell yourself this one thing: Every day is a new opportunity for you to regain control of your life. Nobody’s asking you to throw it all out the window and to become a new person overnight! All you have to do is tell yourself, “OK. Today, my job is to take care of myself or discover a little more of who I am!” And, one step at a time, you’ll start moving towards the things that feel most meaningful to you simply by making more conscious choices and decisions that are authentic to you and your well-being. As you become more aware, you will take responsibility for your choices, decisions, words, thoughts and actions, and, I can promise you, they will lead you to your fulfillment and happiness.

It’s up to us to change our lives if we’re dissatisfied with them. Yes, sometimes that’s difficult. You’re right! But our ultimate goal is to gently take it one step at a time. One day, you’ll stand in front of the mirror and you’ll think, “Wow!” Your life will have changed, you’ll have learnt how to manifest differently than what you were attracting to you, and the energy around you will be made up of better-feeling, higher vibrations. You’ll no longer be consumed and overwhelmed by situations; you’ll find yourself on the outside of difficult situations, looking in; and you’ll be able to settle the big and small hiccups of life with much more ease! Your perception of how you see things will have changed, just like your life will have totally transformed.

Rebuild your karma a little by little, by simply aligning your choices and decisions with your well-being. It’s YOUR decision and yours alone to make … we can’t blame anyone other than ourselves (even though we tend to and it helps us to relieve our sense of responsibility and takes away some of the weight and guilt we can feel, however, it’s not the reality of things), because, truth is, we are completely responsible for our choices and our decisions. Yes, in the past, we were probably operating from an unconscious space, but we were responsible nonetheless.

Now’s the time to ask yourself: “What path do I want my life to take, and what first step feels within reach for me?”

If you are looking for help around rebuilding your karma, know that we’re always here to help. At IntegraSoul, we are in service to your internal sovereignty, your happiness and your internal freedom! Book your appointment with us today, and let us help you become the absolute best version of yourself.

Carole Noël

Energy Medicine & Counselling


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