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Feeling worthy to be and live on this planet!


Nepal/SriLanka/Bali Journey

It is not about to go in the extreme and to go all in … I experienced that when we are into this state, we begin to be too much serious and solemn. We miss the appreciation of life or something precious inside of us or around us because we are more in our mind less in the awareness of the moment, in our heart. We think maybe we are better then somebody else and we want to prove something maybe because we don’t feel that we are enough and worthy! Is this ring a bell to you? Do you have those moments sometimes?

A joyful state is more able to be conscious about what’s going on in this precise moment and it certainly more open to receive. I would say it’s a state where we can be ordinary and relaxed. There is no big deal! We can face what’s going on without going into drama. We have a sense of humour, and we begin to pay attention as we become curious. Like a child, just enough to take interest in the world that surround us… without judgement. In that way of living, we are not into over analyzing or nor to control the outcome. We are just in a state of love, of discovering and exploring life in all respect of living beings!

Being curious encourage us to cheer up, to do things differently. When we do so, we are able to feel the outcome of those explorations inside and outside of us as we become more conscious and aware. Because of that awareness, it gives us the possibilities to change our patterns or our way of doing things. We feel a lot of things are shifting because anything out of our comfort zone is helping us to see and feel differently. This is how things start to lighten up. This is how I am living since the beginning of my 6 months journey! I am very grateful and full of grace.

Now I am sharing a little bit of my awareness, some of the things that is part of my way of living my daily life. Those elements reinforced my wellbeing, gave me my strength back and to live more consciously every moment.

When something happens to you, always be conscious about what you want to nourish because your attention will be direct that way and you will manifest more of that. By being conscious you are more aware on where you concentrate your attention. When you ask yourself these questions: Do I want to nourish this event that increase the drama in my life, feeling sorry for myself and suffer? OR Do I want to nourish the gratitude, the loving space in my life and to reinforce higher vibrations of energy? You are more conscious about your choices and your responsibility towards your happiness.

To do so, it’s important to recognize all these emotions that you feel. Take a moment to sit with these emotions, feel them and take actions to liberate yourself from them. Because if you don’t take that time to release and accept them, they will come back to haunt you by being triggered again in a more intense way!

When something happens in your life, you have a choice on how you react: Being against the change OR embrace the change by accepting the challenges, the situation, and the impact of those changes in your life. I agree this can be a challenge by itself but there is plenty of resources on how to face those situations and trust your guidance. Always take time to release emotions.

Embrace these situations in your life by recognize that you have all the tools inside yourself. Sometimes, we forget, and those tools hide under some clouds. We need a little bit of guidance to be conscious about them. Stop yourself and recognize how you deal with some situations in your past.

Take time to come back to your happiness and feel those moments of awareness about the wonderful being you are! By doing so, you will see and feel your kindness, your way of being fare with your surrounding and most importantly your will speak up your true self.

When you speak up, you are not afraid of being vulnerable and show the authentic you. You trust life and you know that the only and the most important boundary is your self-love.

That way you will be able to trust your surrounding because you trust yourself and your way of making choices for your well-being is your way of telling yourself that you are worthy and enough. You are not afraid to love others and to celebrate their success and be happy for them.

You trust life and you become one. Because you are part of a unity, and you just want to create good and kindness. You are conscious that life is all about that; we are one!

You are worthy and enough always!

With love


At IntegraSoul, we are in service towards your well-being and your best version yet!

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Carole Noël

energy medecine & Counselling


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