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Face the Unknown !

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Journey to Nepal/SriLanka/Bali


On September 5, 2022, I went on a pilgrimage to various countries in order to experience life more deeply. The intention for this journey is to go deeper in the discovery and exploration of life and to completely honor my life mission. We can share, only and deeply, what we have experienced and integrated. The rest remains a pile of knowledge!

One morning in June 2022, I felt this very intense energy within me that prompted me to experience a pilgrimage. I guess it's called a "calling" as I never felt anything so strong. I chose to fully live this journey which, with certainty, was going to transform me and certainly change my life. I had that moment of fear, of course because I was going to an unknown world; I was going to get rid of a lot of things and to live in my suitcases for a period of 6 months. So, I chose to let go and fully live this experience into my life! A path that would bring me to a deeper sense of life and probably somewhere I never experienced.

Now two full months had pass into this spiritual journey and many various deep and intense moments which guided me to share my thoughts. Since the departure for Nepal, the sacred walk to Mount Kailash, passing through Sri Lanka and currently here in Bali, I can affirm that living deep experiences can bring us to live deep transformations. Each of the experiences on our path leads us to live even deeper insights and to observe life with new eyes. These moments of profound exploration and awareness help us achieve a liberation from our past and from life in general. In these spaces, we do a deep cleaning that opens us to greater possibilities and above all, towards the integration of these new energetic dimensions.

Step by step, we observe our daily routine changing towards the integration of new ways of thinking, doing, speaking, seeing, and living every moment of our lives. These new ways of doing things lead us to a deeper sense of life. So, leaving with a pure intention is to allow ourselves to get out of this comfort zone that we create to secure ourselves. Living different experiences encourages us to break these cycles of suffering. Therefore, going into the unknown exposes us to the immensity of life to discover a deeper part of ourselves and be aware of the essential of life; Our self-love!

Sometimes, we think we are out and more aware of who we are and our way of functioning but life through us some events that make us realize the opposite. The way we react to a certain situation is a good indicator if we are strongly nourishing our ego and if we are still deep in that comfort zone. In fact, these reactions allow us to realize what we hide inside ourselves. Choosing to break free from this comfort zone and becoming more and more firm towards our direction, leads us to explore life, to break down these walls and eliminate these bearings that imprison our freedom.

It's in the face of the unknown that we feel that we are alone with ourselves and facing ourselves in this great adventure of life! Once aware and little by little, we can get out of these cycles and this comfort zone to embark on a healing process. With courage, our efforts, and our choices, we remove one by one these weeds which obstruct our light. Well-being is felt, our choices are more and more aligned towards our happiness, and everything starts to be different! Along the way, we integrate these experiences in our way of living and by the exteriorisation of this new energy.

Thank you for your patience and your understanding because for some, distance or virtual sessions take you out of your comfort zone. Yes, until March 1, 2023, the sessions will be online. I can assure and guarantee that the sessions are the same depth as in person. The energy is powerful in person as in distance because it travels. It is certain that we cannot give each other hug but we can do it virtually. So, when you are in need don't wait until I arrive back in Canada, book an appointment by going online at and make your appointment. You put a lot of effort and courage towards your healing and to be where you are, don't let limitations like distance get in the way of your wonderful journey. We have created an easy access website with lots of resources to maintain your garden! At IntegraSoul, we are in service towards your best version.

As of October 31, 2022, I am in Bali, Indonesia. Appointments will be Mondays 8 pm and 9:05 pm, Tuesdays and Wednesdays; 7 am and 8:05 am, and 8:00 pm, 9:05 pm, Thursdays 7 am and 8:05 am and Sundays 7 am, 8:05 am, 9:10 am your time (ADT). All you must do is download zoom and at the time of your appointment, you simply click on the zoom link which will be in an email previously sent to you and here I am! It's very simple and easy. If you don't want to use zoom, you prefer video messenger or skype or video whatsapp; it is also possible by sending me an e-mail at You can reach me by What's app also by text message. If you want to have different hours, write to me, there is a solution. My intention is to be in service to your best version. For payments, you can use e-transfer or if you want to use credit card or paypal, you can do it through the website. Payments are made 30 minutes before the sessions. You get your receipt for your insurance by email. Everything has been planned to be easy and simple for you.

To all my clients and to all of you, I am very grateful for your trust, your well-being, and your efforts towards your best version. To all of you, new clients, I say congratulations to you for taking this courage to embark on this new path which is a journey filled with extraordinary moments that will bring you to cultivate your true light and above all, your self-love towards your best version!

At IntegraSoul, we are in service towards your well-being and your best version !

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Carole Noël

Energy Medecine & Counselling


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