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Daydreaming…good or bad?

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Coming out of our present moment and beginning to escape into the world of daydreaming, is it a state of running away, visualization or well-being?

Interesting question, isn't it? Because every time we feel disappointed, not enough, or unhappy. When difficult circumstances come our way, we have the reflex to profoundly ignore them because it hurts too much inside and… who wants to suffer? Nobody!

So, what do we do, we look for “fixes” to forget and lull our suffering. One way to do it is to run away from the real situation and submerge ourselves into the world of daydreaming. Have you ever been fed up with a situation and the only way you find to deal with it is to imagine yourself having the time of your life in an all-inclusive resort down south?

It's much better than suffering, huh? But does this suffering eventually go away? In the short term...yes, but unfortunately it comes back immediately because this short term is just an illusion. Other circumstances will come and stimulate this pile of emotions that will make us react again and the cycle will start again. Because everything that is not resolved comes back to haunt us sooner or later.

Have you ever watched the movie "Groundhog day"? Well that's pretty much it! A nightmare that repeats itself...with lots of torments and suffering and of course, everything happens in the unconscious!

During our life on earth, we go through many life experiences that will result either in moments of happiness or sadness/difficulties. The repercussions of these moments cause us to react by entering states of survival (fight or flight). The intensity of that state correlates with the pile of emotions lurking under the rug that are triggered by those circumstances. The whole cycle continues to return if we live unconsciously, and don’t face those patterns to break and heal them.

What is hidden under those states of survival? Fear; different fears with different intensities. These fears make us lose our direction and our confidence in finding solutions, but above all, they blur our path and prevent us from seeing clearly. In those states, we feel lost, and we no longer see what’s really going on. These moments become vicious cycles that intensifies with time. The result is a set of physiological, emotional, or mental reactions.

What do we do in those times? We are looking for "fixes" which are in fact loopholes. We don't want to see the realities, and we fall into addictions, it's fast and effective in the short term. But in times it’s a lot of suffering.

Daydreaming is a good escape that is practiced by humans of all age. But how can we see the difference between an addiction and a healthy state in regards of daydreaming? In fact, for all addictions.

When we daydream due to some past dwellings, we project ourselves into the future and we live it. In consequence, we are out of the present. We dream about different plans; we talk about it, and we see ourselves in various places other than the one that is currently causing us pain. Suddenly, we feel relieved and see that there are possibilities. There is nothing wrong in seeing the possibilities but are we aware of our discomfort and what causes this deep source of suffering?

When we go into these cycles of addiction, we are not consciously seeking to inflict harm on ourselves, quite the contrary because we believe that everything will be better. Since all this is done unconsciously, we have no idea of the harm we’re inflicting on ourselves. The trick is to deeply heal it, so it does not come back again. It's scary and often we don't know how or where to start!

What would it be like if we took the time to fully experience what we are living without trying to escape it, in order to be in a better position to heal and break those patterns?

How? The first thing is to realize it. If we are daydreaming to escape, we need to stop and face the situation.

Secondly, face the fears that are hiding under those sufferings. A beautiful way is to do some introspection writing, this will allow you to become more aware.

Then look inward for solutions, but don’t live them to escape the present moment, live them to break the pattern and fix the burden living inside allowing you to be content with the present.

Finally, look for resources to guide you and to reach your best version.

So, the next time you go into daydreams ask yourself if you are running from something…Again! Let's dream to visualize and manifest healthily!

At IntegraSoul, we are here in service for Your Well-being and for you to reach your best version !

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Carole Noël

Energy medecine & Counselling


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